Searching in Clubhouse: Dates and Date Ranges

You can search for Stories using dates and date ranges in the Search field at the top of the app or on the Search page using the operators below.

Date Formatting

First, it's important to use the correct date formatting in your searches. The format Clubhouse recognizes is 4 digit year-2 digit month-2 digit day: 


When searching for a date range, separate your dates with two periods:


You can make your date range open-ended (or unbounded, in search parlance) by adding an asterisk (*) on one side of the range. 

An asterisk on the left side of the date range would find you all Stories before the specified date:


And an asterisk on the right side of the date range would find you all Stories after the specified date: 


You can also search using the terms yesterday and today, as well as tomorrow (but this latter term can only be used when searching for due dates, more on this below).

Please note that numerical date values and date terms currently can't be mixed -- so a search for '' wouldn't work, for example.

Date-Based Operators

You can search for Stories that have been created, updated, completed, or moved using a specified date or date range, or the terms yesterday or today.

You can also search for Stories that are (or were) due on a specified date or date range, or using the terms yesterday, today, or tomorrow.


  • created:2018-05-22


  • updated:today

Note: The updated operator will find Stories that have had changes or additions made to it on or within the specific time period (i.e., changes in description, comments, state, due date, Project, Epic, etc.).


  • moved:*..2016-11-17

Note: The moved operator will only find Stories that have changed workflow state (i.e., those which have "moved" to a different workflow state column) on or within a specified time period.


  • completed:2018-04-01..2018-05-22


  • due:tomorrow


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