Organizations and Workspaces

The Organizations and Workspaces Dashboard

The Organizations and Workspaces Dashboard

If you're an Owner or Admin, you can see an overview of all of your Clubhouse Organizations and Workspaces in the Dashboard. From here, you can manage your different Workspaces’ Members, disable Workspaces, and other administrative tasks.


To access this Dashboard:

  1. Click on your Workspace icon in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Choose View All Workspaces


How to add a Workspace to an Organization

An Organization is a collection of Workspaces that are all under one umbrella, and is usually mapped to the name of your first Workspace.  To add a completely new Workspace to an Organization, click the Add Workspace to Organization.


Your Organization will only be charged once per user, regardless of how many Workspaces they are a member of.

How to Add a New Organization

If you’d like to add a new, separate Organization, you can do so by clicking Add New Organization. After you create your new Organization, you'll also be prompted to create a new Workspace that lives under that Organization. Of note, if you create more than one Organization, you will be billed according to the collective user count in each Organization. 


Setting a Default Workspace for an Organization

The first Workspace created in an Organization is automatically the default Workspace that will load for you when coming to Clubhouse. If you’d like to make another Workspace the default, choose Set as Default. Note: this does not affect anyone else's default Workspace, only yours.


Manage Organization and Workspaces

If you’d like to invite and disable users, view or change user roles and billing settings across all of your Organization’s Workspaces, click Manage Organization and Workspace(s). This will take you to the Management Dashboard.


Billing Across Workspaces and Organizations

The Management Dashboard is also a place where you can review your total billable users across all Workspaces in your Organization. You will only be billed once per user seat, even if a user is a member of multiple Workspaces in the same Organization. However, if you create more than one Organization, you will be billed according to the collective user count in each Organization. 

For more detailed information on the Management Dashboard, see this article.

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