The Organizations and Workspaces Dashboard

The Organizations and Workspaces Dashboard provides an overview of all of the Clubhouse Organizations associated with your user account. Under each Organization you'll see its Workspaces:


You'll also find information about each Workspace, such as: its status (active or disabled), if it is your default Workspace (or can be set as default), its Clubhouse URL, your role, your primary email address for that Workspace, and when it was created. You can go to any Workspace from this page by clicking on the View Workspace button.

To change the order of the Organizations or Workspaces on this page, click and hold the crossed arrow icon in the upper right corners of the Organization or Workspace, and then drag and drop the Organization or Workspace into a new position.

If you are an Owner or an Admin of the Organization, you can manage its user membership and roles, disable its Workspaces, and other administrative tasks by clicking on the Manage Organization and Workspace button.

  • Notes on Owner & Admin Roles:

    • Owner: if you promote a user to Owner in an Organization with more than one Workspace, the user will be promoted as Owner to All Workspaces in the Organization (even if they were not previously invited to these Workspaces)

    • Admin: Alternatively, if you promote a user to an Admin of a single Workspace in an Organization, they are only an Admin of that Workspace.

You can also add a new Workspace to an existing Organization (if you're an Owner or Admin of that Organization) or create an entirely new Organization.  To add a Workspace under an existing Organization, click on the Add Workspace to Organization button.

To create an entirely new Organization, click on the Add New Organization button at the top of the page.

Lastly, you can view and edit your user profile from this page by clicking on the Edit your profile button under your user icon.