Organizations and Workspaces

The Organization and Workspaces Management Dashboard

The Organization and Workspaces Management Dashboard is accessible for Owners and Admins of Organizations only and is used manage your users across an Organization’s Workspaces. You’ll see billable users and invites, as well as the status of different Workspaces.

Billable Users and Invites

In the first column, you’ll see a list of all the users in your Organization across its different Workspaces. Each subsequent column is a different Workspace in your Organization.

Active Billable Users (Admins, Owners and Members) are shown in bold.
Non-Billable Users (Disabled or Observers) are shown in italic.

Filtering Workspaces

 You can filter the Management Dashboard by users, Workspaces and different roles.

  •  To filter for a certain user, you can use the search bar:


  •  Use the different dropdowns to filter your users by Workspace and roles.


  •  The Clear Filter button will remove the filters you’ve added.


  • You can also choose to hide or reveal removed users using the Hide Removed Users button.


How to Invite New Users to a Workspace

To invite new users to a specific Workspace, click the Invite button next to the Workspace name.

In the Invite dialogue, you’ll be able to enter the email address(es) and choose the desired user role. Click Send Invitations when you’re done.

Adding Users to Another Workspace

 You can add existing users to another Workspace in the Organization.

  1. From the main Dashboard page, find the user’s row
  2. In the desired the Workspace’s column, choose Add as… in the user’s row
  3. Pick Owner, Admin or Member.


How to Change a User’s Role

 You can change a User’s role in a specific Workspace by following the steps below:

  1. From the main Dashboard page, find the user’s row
  2. In the desired Workspace column, click their role (Owner, Admin or Member)
  3. Choose a different role for them


 For more information about the different roles, see User Roles and Management

 How to Disable or Enable Users in a Workspace

 To disable a user from accessing a Workspace, follow the steps below:

  1. From the main Dashboard page, find the user’s row
  2. In the desired Workspace column, click the trashcan icon (“Disable user in this workspace.”) next to their role
  3. Their user role will turn grey and say Disabled 


 You can also enable a user's access back into a Workspace. 

  1. From the main Dashboard page, find the user’s row
  2. In the desired Workspace column, click Enable


How to Remove and Re-Enable Users from your Organization

 A user can only be deleted from an entire Organization after they have been disabled in every Workspace. Please disable the user as per the instructions above before attempting to remove them.

  1. Make sure the user is disabled in every Workspace in the Organization.
  2. Once disabled, find the user on the main Dashboard.
  3. Click the trashcan icon next to their name (“Remove from the Organization”)
  4. Once removed, they no longer be in the Organization.

You can also re-enable users in an Organization.

  1. View your removed users by unchecking the box next to Hide Removed Users
  2. Find the user you’d like to re-enable
  3. Click the Re-enable button (akin to a recycling icon)
  4. You’ll then see a confirmation “This user is now eligible to be re-invited to a workspace through that Workspace's invite Settings screen.”

To invite them, follow our instructions about inviting users here. Once the user accepts the invite to re-join, they will be added back to the list of active users.

 Note: Removed users can be shown by making sure Hide Removed Users is not checked.

How to Disable and Re-enable Workspaces

You can disable a Workspace by clicking the trashcan icon next to the Workspace’s name. Once it’s disabled, the Invite button will change to Disabled and turn grey.


 You can re-enable a disabled Workspace by clicking the arrow icon next to the disabled Workspace. The Invite button will turn active and white.


How to Rename an Organization

Use the pencil icon next to the Organization name to change your Organization's name. Note: this will not change the Organization's URL slug. 

How to Disable an Organization

If you’d like to disable an entire Organization and its Workspaces, click the red Disable Organization button in the upper right-hand corner.

 You’ll see a confirmation screen stating: Are you sure you want to disable this Organization? All workspaces will also become disabled Confirm by pressing OK.

 You’ll see a green confirmation status and the Organization will be disabled.

To re-enable a disabled Organization, click the green Enable Organization button in the upper right-hand corner. You will then see a green confirmation.

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