The Referral Program

Rewards and Discounts

Referred Organization Discount

To receive the two free months of Clubhouse’s Standard Plan, the Organization you've referred needs to:

  1. Sign up using your unique share link, and
  2. Be new to Clubhouse (in other words, existing Clubhouse Organizations are not eligible for the discount).

In order to redeem their two free months of Clubhouse’s Standard Plan, the new Organization's Owner must enter a credit card before their 14-day Clubhouse trial ends. They'll automatically be subscribed to the Monthly Standard Plan. Their credit card won’t be charged until their two free months are over, when they are welcome to continue on the Monthly Standard Plan or switch to the Annual Standard Plan. They will also have the option to switch to the Free Plan.

Referring Organization Discount

Your Organization will receive a $250 discount off its future invoices if the Organization you referred successfully pays two months of invoices (after their two free months are finished). If the Organization you referred pays for an Annual subscription, your Organization will be eligible for the $250 discount immediately.

The referring discount will act as a credit. Once the $250 discount is earned, we'll apply it to your next monthly invoice and continue to apply it to future invoices until the entire discount amount has been used.

Discounts are stacking, so if for example you refer 2 paying Organizations, your Organization can earn $500 in credit.

Individual Rewards

If you successfully refer one or more new Organizations (meaning those Organizations sign up using your referral link and successfully pay two months of invoices after their free period has ended), you can earn personal rewards:

  • One referral: $100 Amazon Gift Card (or international equivalent)
  • Two referrals: Airpods
  • Five referrals: iPad Pro

Once we've confirmed that you've earned a personal reward, a Clubhouse team member will reach out for information on where to send your reward.

Note: Personal reward tiers, gifts, and distribution methods are subject to change at Clubhouse’s discretion.

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