The Referral Program

Referral Program FAQ

What is the referral program?

The referral program is an easy way to share Clubhouse with others, rewarding your friends for trying Clubhouse, you for recommending it, and your Organization for making a successful referral.

Who can participate in the program?

Anyone who isn't currently on their 14-day free trial can be a referrer, and anyone who's not already using Clubhouse can be referred.

How do I refer my friends to Clubhouse?

Just share your unique referral link, which you can find within the Clubhouse app in three locations: the top navigation bar, the Help and Feedback menu, and the Settings menu.

Click on the "Earn Rewards" button (or "Earn Credit" if you are your team's Clubhouse account admin) in the top navigation bar to open the Referral popup, and then share across various channels using our share buttons or by copying your unique referral link.

All your friends will need to do is click on that link, and they'll be guided through the sign up process. Voilà, they're referred!

What kind of rewards can I earn for referring my friends to Clubhouse?

Our program is a little different from other referral programs in that it offers rewards to every party involved in a successful referral:

  • Organizations that sign up with your referral link get two months free on the Standard Plan.
  • You'll be eligible to earn individual rewards if the Organization you referred pays two  months of subscription (after their initial two free months). The more paying Organizations you refer, the more you earn:
    • One referral: $100 Amazon Gift Card (or international equivalent)
    • Two referrals: Airpods
    • Five referrals: iPad Pro
  • Your Organization gets $250 off future invoices for each paying Organization you refer.

What is considered a successful referral?

A referral is successful when:

  1. A user new to Clubhouse signs up using your unique referral link, and
  2. Successfully pays two months of invoices (after their two free months are finished).

How will I know when I've successfully referred someone?

You can track the status of your referrals in the Referral popup. We’ll also keep you updated by email for major referral-related events, such as when a referral signs up, when they’ve successfully paid two invoices, or if you’ve reached one of the individual reward tiers.

How will I receive my individual reward(s)?

Once we've confirmed that you've earned a personal reward, a Clubhouse team member will reach out for information on where to send your reward.

When will my Organization receive the $250 discount reward?

Your Organization will receive a $250 discount off its future invoices when the Organization you referred successfully pays two  months of their subscription (after their two free months are finished).

If the Organization you referred pays for an Annual  subscription, your Organization will be eligible for the $250 discount immediately.

Say I successfully refer 2 new Organizations to Clubhouse. Does that mean my Organization gets $500 in discounts off future invoices?

Yes! Your Organization's referral reward is stackable, so the more Organizations you successfully refer, the more rewards you can accrue.

What if our Organization's next bill is less than the $250 referral reward?

Your Organization's referral discount acts as a credit, so if you have any left over after we've applied it to an invoice, we'll keep applying any remaining credit to future invoices until the full amount is used.

Do any of the rewards expire?


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