How do I add an image to a Story comment?

Upload File Limits

The web app has a 50MB file upload limit. 

An image attachment is restricted in three ways:

  • Images attached to a story are scaled down to at most 360 pixels wide and 240 pixels high.

  • Images attached to a comment or description are scaled down to at most the width of the comment element, and at most 380 pixels high.

  • Clicking on an image to display it hi-res in a lightbox causes it to be scaled to the size of the browser window. (So very tall and skinny images can become difficult to see)

How to Upload Images to Story Comments

You can add images to the comments field in three ways:

1) Click the image icon to select a file to upload.




2) Drag and drop the image from your computer into the comment area. Hold the Shift key to bring up the optional image cropper.

3) Copy/paste the image from your clipboard (NOTE: Copy/paste is currently only supported in Chrome. It will be added to other browsers when it becomes available in the spec).

Animated GIFs will become static GIFS when copy pasted.