What is the Projects Page?

Projects typically map to teams (such as Frontend, Backend, Mobile, Devops, etc) but can represent any open-ended focus area, product, component, or initiative.


The Projects Page provides you with an overview of all your projects, the number of Stories they can contain, and the number of points they represent (if you are using estimation points). You can access the Projects Page by selecting Projects in the Clubhouse sidebar menu.



Let’s explore what we show on the front of each Project:

From left to right:

  • To see the Story count, hover over the mini Story card on the left of the Project card - Frontend has 28 Stories
  • Point counts are shown next - Frontend has 27
  • To see all the Project's Stories on the Stories board, click the magnifying glass icon to be transferred to a Project-specific filtered view on the Stories page.
  • When you drop into the Stories page from the Project , it creates a permalink that you can view in the navigation bar of your browser and share with other teammates. You can also save this view as a Space. More on Spaces here.
  • Click Follow to follow or unfollow the Project - Followers are notified of all Story activity in this project.
  • Lastly, you can also choose a color! This color will appear on the Project page, as well as on the left band of each Story that is associated with this Project


Archived Projects

You can also view any Archived Projects at the bottom of the Projects Page

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