There are two paths to updating a Story Template.

You can do this by going to the Create Story from Template menu (found by hovering over the right-pointing arrow in the Create Story dropdown menu) and then selecting the Template you’d like to update.

You can also update a Template from the Manage Story Templates menu in Settings > Workspace Features > Story Templates, by clicking on the ellipsis next to the Template’s name and then selecting Edit Template.

Both paths will open the Template in a dialogue, where you can make the desired edits.

When you’re ready to save, click on the arrow button next to Create Story, then select Update [Template Name] in the drop down menu. You’ll be prompted to confirm the name of your Template, and then you can click Update Template again to save it.

A success message will pop up in the lower right corner confirming that your new Template was updated, and giving you the option to create a new Story from the Template.