How do I add a new Workspace to my Organization?

Start by clicking in the upper left-hand corner of the app, and click View All Workspaces from the drop-down menu.

An Organization is a collection of Workspaces that are all under one umbrella, and is usually mapped to the name of your first Workspace.  To create a completely new Workspace, click the Add Workspace to Organization next to the Organization you want that Workspace to be added under.


You’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll see a message stating that you’re creating a Workspace and listing what Organization it’s being created under. This is also a good way to confirm that:

  • You’re creating a Workspace (and not an Organization),
  • You’re creating a Workspace under the correct Organization.


One you’ve named your Workspace and chosen a URL for it, click Finish to create it. You’ll be taken to your new Workspace, where you can go through the product tour again or get started with setting it up.

Note: You can have as many Workspaces as you need, and your Organization’s users can be in any or all of those Workspaces. For paid plans, your Organization will only be charged once per user, regardless of how many Workspaces they are a member of.