How do I designate another person as a billing contact for my Organization?

By default, an Organization’s Owners are the primary billing contact and receive monthly receipt emails. But, if you need a non-Clubhouse user (like your Finance Team) to get confirmations of your paid invoices, you can designate another billing contact by adding their email address in the Email tab of the Billing menu.

Once this has been updated, both the new designated billing contact and the Organization Owner will receive billing and payment notifications.

Note: For security and privacy reasons, only an Organization Owner and their designated billing contact can request and receive billing-related information about an Organization.


Note for G Suite Users: If you're using an alias like "accounting@" or "billing@" in Google G Suite to forward receipts or invoices and your team isn't receiving those emails, it may be due to the group's permission settings.

To correct this, ask your G Suite Admin to change the group's permissions to Post: Anyone on the web. For more information about how to manage G Suite Groups, see Google's help documentation.

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