To delete a workflow state, go to Settings > Workspace Features > Workflows, find the workflow state you’d like to delete, and click on the state’s name.

In the menu that opens, click on the garbage can icon below the description field. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the workflow state; if so, click OK. 

The workflow state will disappear from the state list, and you’ll see a success message pop up in the lower right confirming that the workflow state was deleted.


Having Trouble Deleting a Workflow State?

Check to be sure there are no Stories (archived or otherwise), or Story Templates, in the State you're trying to delete

  • If you click into a Workflow State and the little trash can is greyed out/not clickable, check the upper right corner for the magnifying glass icon:

  • The number by the magnifying glass shows the number of Stories or Story Templates left in this State - it must be at 0 to move forward with the deletion
  • Click the magnifying glass to be brought to the Search page with search operators pre-selected to surface the Stories in this Workflow State 
    • From there, either Delete the Stories or change them to a different Workflow State.
    • If for some reason this auto-populated Search is giving you trouble, check out this article on Viewing/Editing Archived Stories.

To check if there are Story Templates in this Workflow State that need to be deleted, go under Settings to Manage Templates

Make sure it's not your default State -  you can't delete that

Change the default State in your Workspace in the Dropdown menu up top in the Workflow Settings window

Make sure it's not the only State in one of the three basic "types" - Unstarted, Started, and Done