Epic Workflow States: Best Practices

Clubhouse does not automatically move:

  • Milestones to "In Progress" when Epics within them move to "In Progress"
  • Epics to "In Progress" when Stories within them are moved to a "Started" workflow
  • Milestones to "Done" when all Epics are completed nor all Epics to "Done" when all Stories within them are completed.

However, we do recommend keeping Epics in the "To Do" state if you have not started or have indefinitely ceased work on that Epic.

Once an Epic contains Stories that have been moved to a started state, we suggest that you mark the Epic as "In Progress" so that your Epic reporting will adequately reflect performance.

You will be prompted in the UI to mark it as "Done" when all of an Epic's Stories have been completed.



More information on how to change the state of an Epic can be found here.