Managing Your Account

Setting Your Profile Icon

Your profile icon is shared across all of your Clubhouse Workspaces.

It displays anywhere you are listed as an Owner, Follower, or Requester. It also appears where ever you leave a comment or make an update.

By default, Clubhouse will use a colored circle or the image associated with a Gravatar account as your profile icon. To set a different Profile Icon, go to Settings > Your Profile and then click "Upload Icon." You will be prompted to upload your image.

To crop your profile image, drag the file onto the Your Profile Icon area. You’ll see a dark square in the upload area.

Hold down the shift key and drop the image to bring up the image cropper.

Select the portion of the image you would like to use for your profile picture.



Once you are satisfied, you can hit "Upload" once more to set the new Profile Icon.


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