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Why was my Organization disabled?

Only an Owner can disable an Organization, so we recommend that you first check with other Owners in your Organization. If you've done this and still aren't sure why your Organization was disabled, we recommend that you contact our Support team for individual assistance.

In general, however, a billing issue is the most common reason Organizations are disabled:

  1. Your 14-day trial has ended. If you choose not to add a credit card before your trial ends, your Organization will be disabled and you won’t be able to access any of the features you used during the Trial. However, we’ll keep everything as you left it, and you're welcome to log back in anytime to sign up for a paid plan and continue using Clubhouse.
  2. Your most recent payment failed. If your payment fails, we'll reach out to you about resolving the outstanding invoice. If we don't hear from you and no payment is made within 5 business days, your Organization will be disabled until the outstanding invoice is paid. As with Trial expirations, we'll keep your Organization just as you left it until you're ready to resume your subscription.
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