How do I remove or re-enable users in an Organization?

A user can only be removed from an entire Organization after they have been disabled in every Workspace.

  1. Once you've disabled the user in every Workspace, click the trashcan icon next to their name. On mouse-over a message will appear that says: “Remove from the Organization"
  2. A pop-up message will appear in the lower right corner confirming that the user was removed from the Organization.


To re-enable users who've been removed from your Organization, uncheck the Hide Removed Users box to view all removed users.

  1. When the removed users appear, find the user you’d like to re-enable in the table.
  2. Click the Recycle icon next to their name. You’ll then see a confirmation message that says: “This user is now eligible to be re-invited to a Workspace through that Workspace's invite Settings screen.”


To invite them, follow our instructions about inviting users here. Once the user accepts the invite to re-join, they will be added back to the list of active users.