How do I cancel or pause my Clubhouse subscription?

To cancel or simply pause your Clubhouse subscription:

  1. You must be an Owner of the Organization
  2. Disable your Organization.

Disabling your Organization will suspend any invoicing for your Clubhouse account, so you won't be charged unless you choose to re-enable it.

If you have a positive balance on your account (such as from a prepaid Yearly subscription, if you are pausing before the subscription period is over), that amount will be saved to your account as a prorated credit. If you decide to resume your subscription later, we will apply that credit to future invoices.

Disabling your Organization only suspends your Clubhouse account, it does not remove your payment information. Contact our Support team if you'd like to remove payment information from your account.

When you disable your Organization, we keep everything as you left it. You're welcome to log back in anytime to re-enable your Organization and continue using Clubhouse.

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