Searching in Clubhouse: Workflow States

Workflow State Operators

Finds all Stories and/or Epics in a specific workflow state. For best results, queries for multi-word workflow state titles should be placed in double quotes.

state:"ready for dev"


The state: operator can be used with either a Workflow Name (as in the above example) or a Workflow ID. 

If you use the Workflow ID, note that it is Story Workflow-specific, meaning it will return results only for Stories in a specific Story Workflow (even if the text-based State name, ex. Unscheduled, is the same across Story Workflows).

In the example below, 500000016 is the Story Workflow State ID for the Unscheduled State in one Story Workflow in this Workspace.

If you use the Workflow Name with the operator, state:Unscheduled, it will search for Stories across Story Workflows based on the text of the name. You can see that in addition to the search results returned using 500000016, using the name Unscheduled returns Story results from all Story Workflows  in the Workspace. 

Searching across Workflow States

In addition to the state: operator, the following operators search Stories and Epics over the different types of workflow states.

Since Stories and Epics can only have one workflow state, using more than one of these operators can yield no results.

  • is:unstarted
  • is:started
  • is:done
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