In Clubhouse, we offer multiple user roles: Owner, Admin, Member, and Observer. By default, the first person in the system is given the role of Owner, but Organizations can have multiple Owners and Admins.


Members & Observers are not available in the Free Plan.

Below you’ll learn more about each role type. When you’re ready, invite the rest of your team and manage their roles easily from your Account Settings.

An Owner can: An Admin can: A Member can An Observer can:
  • Access the Manage Organization and Workspaces Dashboard
  • Enable and disable an Organization and its Workspaces
  • Add new Workspaces to an existing Organization
  • Create new Organizations
  • Request the deletion of a Workspace or Organization
  • Edit a Workflow State
  • Add, manage, and communicate with Clubhouse about billing and payment information
  • Add and manage user access, user roles, and invitations
  • Request and authorize the removal of Two-Factor Authorization for users
  • Promote another user to an Owner
  • Choose and manage Workspace features and settings
  • Add integrations
  • Work in Clubhouse by viewing, following, creating, and editing Spaces, Stories, Epics, Projects, Milestones, and Labels
  • Access all reporting and search data.
  • Manage their own user profiles.
  • Use the Clubhouse iOS app