User Roles and Management

How do I transfer ownership of an Organization to another user?

If the current Owner is available:

If you're the current Owner, you can transfer ownership of the Organization to another user.

  1. Go to the Manage Organization and Workspaces Dashboard (click on your company's logo in the upper left corner, then click on View All Workspaces).
  2. Once there, click on Manage Organization and Workspaces.
  3. Find the user’s row in the table and click the role drop-drown menu under the desired Workspace, then choose Owner.
  4. You'll be asked to confirm the action: "Are you sure you want to promote [User] to the role of owner? They will become an owner of every Workspace within this Organization." Click OK.

If the current owner is no longer with your company or not available:

If the current owner is no longer with your company or not available, we can change ownership of the account for you following a quick security measure. You will need to submit a written request to in the form of a PDF, including:

      • The account URL
      • The name and email address of the previous account owner
      • The name and email address of the new account owner
      • The last four digits of the credit card number on file
      • The billing address of the credit card on file

The information should be in a letter on your company letterhead, signed by a manager at your organization. If your company doesn't have letterhead, please be sure to include your company's mailing address and phone number in the letter. You'll a find Word document template attached to this article for your convenience.

Note: The request needs to be in the form of a PDF and be sent from an email address in the company's domain to 
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