Organizations and Workspaces

How do I delete a Workspace or an Organization?

It isn't currently possible to delete a Workspace or an Organization in Clubhouse, but our Support team can perform deletions upon request.

There are some conditions that have to be met before Support can delete a Workspace or an Organization:

  1. An Owner must request that the Workspace or Organization be deleted. We can't accept deletion requests from Admins, Members, or Observers.
  2. The Workspace or Organization must be disabled. See here for more information about how to disable a Workspace, or here for more information on how to disable an Organization.

Once a request to delete has been received, the Support team will confirm that the Workspace or Organization has been disabled and follow up with the Owner when the deletion is complete.

Please note that deleted Workspaces and Organizations and their data cannot be recovered once they are deleted.

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