How do I resume my Clubhouse subscription?

If you're an Owner and you'd like to resume your Clubhouse subscription, you can do so by re-enabling your Organization.

If your Organization was disabled due to a billing issue (or if you previously requested that your payment information be removed), you may need to update your payment information before you can re-enable it.

To update your payment information:

  1. Log into your Clubhouse account and go to the Manage Organization and Workspaces Dashboard (click on your company's logo in the upper right corner, then click on View All Workspaces). Once there, click on Manage Organization and Workspaces.
  2. Click on the Manage Billing button in the upper right corner (next to the Enable/Disable Organization button).
  3. Go to the Card tab in the Billing menu, and update your payment information. When you're done, click on the Update Card and Re-Enable button.

Once your Organization has been re-enabled, you'll be invoiced according to the subscription you've selected in the Billing menu, and receive a copy of the invoice by email.

You'll also be able to go back into your Workspaces and resume your work, as we keep your Clubhouse exactly as you left it.

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