Imports and Exports

CSV Export

You can create CSVs of Stories from multiple places in Clubhouse. These can be useful to develop custom reports, update stakeholders about progress, and many other data analyses.

You can export all of the Stories from a single Epic, Label, Project. For even finer control, export a Space from the Stories page.

Clicking the Export as CSV link will initiate the CSV export.

You'll see a confirmation message that your export is in progress.

When the export is ready, you'll receive an email with a link to download your data. Make sure you're logged in to Clubhouse, and then download your new CSV.



All exports include the following information about each Story:


Column heading Description
id Story ID
name Story Name
type  Story Type
requester Story Requester
owners A list of Story Owners if assigned
description Story Description
is_complete True if the Story is in a Completed state
started_at The date and time the Story was moved to a Started state
updated_at The date and time of the last update to the Story
moved_at The date and time that the Story last changed states
completed_at The date and time the Story was moved to a Completed state
estimate Estimate points for the Story, if assigned
is_blocked True if the Story is blocked by another Story
is_blocker True if the Story blocks another Story
labels List of Labels applied to the Story. *Note* These are only Story Labels. Epic Labels will not be displayed in this list.

List of Tasks in a Story.

Completion is marked with an X and the task owner (if assigned) is included.


state Workflow state of the Story when the download was initiated
epic_id ID of Epic the Story is in (if any)
epic Epic Name
project_id ID of the Project the Story is in
project Project Name
utc_offset The user's UTC offset which affects the times displayed (this is different than the Organization UTC offset) 
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