What's the difference between Projects and Epics?

Every organization has at least one project. Projects are naming conventions used to designate functional teams (such as Frontend, Backend, Mobile, DevOps, etc.), but can also represent any open-ended product, initiative or category of work. An example of a category of work that doesn't directly conflate a specific team would be something called "API Documentation".

An Epic is a collection of Stories (individual pieces of work) that together make up a larger initiative that your Workspace is working on. An example of a large initiative would be the release of your organization's first mobile app. Due the nature of this, Epics have a start and an end date. Oftentimes an Epic can be a place for multiple Project teams to work together toward a shared goal.





Epics and Projects are not similar, but there is a relationship between them in that an Epic can be indirectly associated with a Project (or Projects, as the case may be) through the Stories in that Epic.