How do I filter an individual Epic?

On the page for an Epic you can filter by a number of Story attributes.

Filter by Story to limit to words in Story title.

Filter by Project to see only the specific Projects you're interested in.

Filter by Owner to view just your Stories in an Epic, or to view the work of team members.

Filter by Labels to limit the view to Labels that have been applied to Stories.

Filter by States to see only Stories in specified workflow states. This is great for viewing only work in-progress, or incomplete Stories.

You can combine filters, and sort a filtered view using the column headers to achieve useful groupings.

Please note, when you have applied a filter, you will not be able to re-prioritize Stories, even if you've sorted the table by Priority.

To remove the filters, click Clear Filters to remove all filters, or remove each filter in it's individual dropdown list.

Filters only affect the view of Stories in the Epic and do not affect Exports, or Reporting on the Epic page.

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