VCS Integrations

Setting up the Clubhouse Bitbucket Integration

With the Clubhouse Bitbucket integration you can link Stories to commits, branches and pull requests, as well as move Stories across your workflow.

Following these instructions, you can configure the Clubhouse Bitbucket integration to work with your Bitbucket Cloud account.

Note: This integrates with Bitbucket Cloud and not Bitbucket Server.


Setting up the integration in Clubhouse

Only Admins and Owners can activate this integration in Clubhouse.

In the Clubhouse app, click the Gear icon in the upper right corner, click Integrations, and then click Bitbucket.

Click the Slider to enable, then click Connect to Bitbucket.



Next, authorize the Bitbucket account you would like to connect to this Clubhouse Workspace.

Note:  You can connect multiple Clubhouse Workspaces to the same Bitbucket account, but you cannot connect multiple Bitbucket accounts to the same Clubhouse Workspace.



When you’ve successfully authorized Clubhouse to access your Bitbucket account you’ll see which Bitbucket account Clubhouse is connected to in the integrations screen.


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