How do I associate a PR to a Story?

Opening a Pull Request from within Clubhouse

When a Story has a linked branch, you can open a new Pull Request from the Clubhouse UI by clicking the "Open PR" button next to the branch name.



Working with Pull Requests

When a Pull Request is opened on an already linked feature branch it will be indicated in the Stories associated with that feature branch.


Associate a Story with a PR description or comment.

In your supported VCS (GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket), open a new PR, add the bracketed text [ch###] or [ch-###] where ### is the Story number, or the Story URL to the description of the PR.


It is also possible to associate a Story to a feature branch after a Pull Request has been opened.  

Add the bracketed text [ch###] or [ch-###] where ### is the Story number, or the Story URL{org}/story/{story-id} to a PR comment in your supported VCS.




The system supports sets of bracketed Story numbers on a Pull Request, but the Story URL needs to be the only text in the PR comment in order to be picked up. 


Prevent PR from moving a Story

To prevent a given PR from moving a story, do any of the following:

  • Add a label named skip-ch
  • Include the text [skip-ch] in the PR body
  • Include the text [skip-ch] in the PR title