Groups & Group Management

Looking to join rooms and find friends on Clubhouse mobile?

If so, we’re afraid you may have us confused. You may want to check here to ensure that you’re in the right place.

Groups and Group Management

You can create Groups to easily communicate with multiple people at once. Groups are collections of your Clubhouse users that are defined by you, and will help make cross-functional collaboration easier within Clubhouse. Your Groups are scoped to a single Workspace

Once created, your Groups can be @-mentioned anywhere markdown is supported, and all members of the Group will receive notifications. Groups can only be created, edited, archived and @mentioned at this time. Additional functionality such as assigning entities to Groups and filtering by Groups throughout the platform will be added soon.


Any Owner, Admin, and Member role in a Clubhouse Workspace can create and manage a Group. 

To create a Group:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Groups from Workspace Settings
  3. Select Create Group
    1. Choose a Group Name
    2. Choose a Group mention (Used for @-mentions within the Workspace only)
    3. Optional Create a Group description
    4. Optional Upload a profile icon for the Group
  4. Select Add Members and choose the individuals for your Group
    1. Group members will receive a notification when you add or remove them from a Group
  5. When finished, select Create Group

Managing Groups

When you select a Group you would like to manage, you'll be given the same options as during Group creation to edit your Group details and members (see above for reference). If no longer needed, you can archive your Group by selecting the Archive Group button at the bottom. Groups cannot be deleted. 

Filtering Groups by Iteration

Ready to see how using Groups can increase your productivity? Try filtering from the Stories page or the Reports page to see all Iterations by Group - it's a great addition to any team's status and planning reports.

Filtering Iterations by Group on the Stories Page

From the Stories page, access the Quick Filters and look for "Filter Iteration by Group" toward the bottom.


Select the Group you'd like to view:


And you're all set!

Power Users: Feel free to save this as a Space for future use, too. 

Filtering Iterations by Group on the Reports Page

You can now boost the accuracy of your reporting by honing in on exactly the Group you want! You can now view all Iterations associated with any Group via the Reports page. From the "Iterations" dropdown, simply select the Group you'd like to filter by.