The Clubhouse Android app allows you to collaborate with your team even when you're on the move. Download our Android app to search for, create, and edit Stories on the go, as well as access your Workspaces, Spaces, Dashboard, and Activity Feed from your Android device. 

The Clubhouse Android app works with any device running Android version 4.4 or higher. 

Downloading the App

1. Find the Clubhouse in the Google Play Store

2. Tap the Install button 

3. Once installed, tap Open to launch the App 

 Signing in to the Clubhouse Android App

 1. Open the Clubhouse app and enter your username and password, then tap the Log In button


Android app



2. If you have 2FA turned on, you'll be prompted to enter your Two Factor Code from your Authenticator app after entering your password. 



Android app

Navigation and Feature Set

To log in or out of the Clubhouse app or switch between multiple Workspaces, tap the Clubhouse Flag icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app.


The Stories Page

The Stories page provides access to all of your Workspace's Saved and Shared Spaces. Tap each Space to access it, then swipe left to view that Space's additional workflow states.

Screenshot_20200414-145631.jpg        Screenshot_20200414-092241.jpg

Android app

To view Stories in a certain Space belonging to a different Workflow, tap the group icon at the top right of the screen, next to the title of the Space.


Android app



Creating Stories

Tapping the "+" icon in the lower right-hand corner of any page of the app will allow you to create a new Story. You can set the Story's title, description, owner, Project, Epic, type and state, as well as add tasks and labels.

Please note: setting Due Dates, Points and Followers during Story creation are not supported in the current version of the Android app. 


Android app



Commenting on Stories


Android app

You can comment on any Story by opening the Story in the app, entering your text in the Add a comment... field, and then pressing Send.



Reacting to Story Comments with Emojis


To react to a comment with an emoji, open the Story containing the comment and then scroll down to the comment. Tap and hold the comment, then tap Add Reaction.

smiley face icon+ is shown own comments already with an emoji. Simply tap here instead and then tap on the emoji you'd like to add. 

To remove your reaction, simply tap on the emoji again.



The Epics Page

The Epics page shows all Epics for your Workspace, grouped by either state. You can search for an Epic by name, and filter down to a specific Epic state.


Android app

Diving into an Epic lets you view and edit the Epic's description, owners, labels, view stories, and edit or reply to comments as well.


iPhone app

Note: Currently you are unable to view an Epic's due date in the mobile app.


The Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page surfaces all Stories owned by you in Unstarted and Started workflow states across all Teams within your Workspace. 


Android app

The Activity Page

The Android Activity Page mirrors the Clubhouse Activity Feed on web. This page will show you activity from all Projects, Stories and Epics you follow across your Workspace. Tapping the "Only Mentions" tab will surface a view of all of your @-mentions.


iPhone app

The Search Page 

You can search for Stories using keywords and phrases by using the search bar at the top of the Search Page. The Search results currently include any matches on Story Titles and/or Description, and are shown in order of relevance. The Android app also supports Search Operators, which can be used to further refine your search results. 


Android app

Push Notifications


You can receive push notifications when another user comments on a Story you own or follow or @-mentions you in a Story. Clicking on the push notification will take you directly to the Story.

You'll only receive push notifications from Clubhouse if you have enabled them in your Android settings. Here's more information about managing notifications in Android.

How To Give Feedback

To report problems or submit feature requests without leaving the Android app, just shake your device and fill out the feedback form. Your ticket will be sent directly to our support team and will be addressed promptly. You can also always reach us over email at


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