Lead Time & Cycle Time Reports



Cycle and Lead Time Reports provide your team with the data you need to plan and allocate resources more effectively.

See Cycle and Lead time across different dimensions

View Lead and Cycle Time Reports on:

  • The Report Page
  • The Milestone Page
  • The Epic Page
  • The Iteration Page
  • The Project Page

Chart Types


The Cycle Time Chart can be accessed on the via upper right-hand corner the drop-down. This chart represents how long it takes a Story to be completed after it is Started. This can provide insights such as: "On average it takes us a X amount of days to complete certain types of Stories" or surface outlier Stories.

The Lead Time Chart can be accessed on the via upper right-hand corner the drop-down. This chart represents the amount of time that has passed between when a Story is created and when it is completed. This can provide insights such as, "We have a really long timespan before we pick up created Stories."

Chart Axes

The Y-axis of the chart represents the number of days. 

The X-axis represents the completion dates of the Stories in the selected date range, Epic, Milestone, Iteration or Project in which you are viewing Cycle Time or Lead Time reports.

Report Stats


The chart provides an average Cycle Time and Lead Time as well as Minimum time. The average is also represented in the chart as the dashed line across the chart:



Trailing Average and Story Type Filter

A 7-day trailing average is also included in the chart. The trailing average does not calculate the average over the last 7 consecutive days, rather the last 7 days of available data.


Stories within the chart are represented by colored dots. Clicking on a dot will open the selected Story. Each Cycle Time and Lead Time chart can also be filtered by Story Type (Bug, Feature & Chore) as well as a 7 day trailing average.