Merging Your User Accounts

Clubhouse makes it easy to create and login to different Workspaces from the same user account. However, if you find that you need to associate a different email with a Clubhouse Workspace or consolidate Workspaces from separate Clubhouse accounts into a single Clubhouse account, this can be accomplished in two different ways.

Before You Join After You Join
If you haven't yet created a new Workspace or accepted an invite to a new Workspace using another email address, you can login to Clubhouse, navigate to Settings > Email Addresses and add the new email address you want to use. After that has been confirmed, you can then accept invitations sent to either email address or make either email address primary in the Workspace.

Deleting Your User Account

It isn't currently possible to delete your user account in the Clubhouse UI, but our Support team can perform deletions upon request.

Although your user account (or profile) was created at the same time your Organization was created, your user account is a separate entity and must be deleted separately.

Before Support can delete your user account:

  1. You'll need to provide the username and email address associated with the user account to be deleted. This is to confirm both that you're the owner of the user account and that we're deleting the correct user account.
  2. If the user account you'd like deleted is the sole Owner of any Organization, you must first:
    • Transfer ownership of the Organization to another user, or
    • Disable the Organization so that it can be deleted along with your user account.

We can't delete a user account that is the sole owner of any Organization, nor are we able to leave an Organization without an owner, so you must follow the steps above before your user account can be deleted.

Once all information has been received and confirmed, the Support team will perform the deletion and follow up with you when it is complete. Deleted user accounts and their data cannot be recovered once they are deleted.