Clubhouse Labs Beta Feature!

Clubhouse Labs is available for any Organization size when you upgrade to the Standard plan. If you want access to Roadmap and other Clubhouse Labs beta initiatives, have an account Owner upgrade today!


Epics currently serve as the object representing a business initiative. It has the bells and whistles for collaboration and planning and management for an individual body of work.

With the Roadmap View, we allow multiple Epics to be planned at once. The Roadmap view is a visual representation (via a Gantt chart) of multiple Epics in a given year.


Access the Roadmap View Working with the Roadmap view

Enable Roadmap

To enable the Roadmap view for Epics, navigate to your Account Settings <> Workspace Features <> Clubhouse Labs (if you haven't upgraded to Standard you'll be prompted to). Once there, you can toggle any of our current beta programs on or off.



You can view the Epics in the Roadmap across 3 ranges: Weeks, Months and Quarters.