Labs: Google Sheets Integration

Clubhouse Labs Beta Feature!

Clubhouse Labs is available for any Organization size when you upgrade to the Standard plan. If you want access to our Google Sheets Integration and other Clubhouse Labs beta initiatives, have an account Owner upgrade today!

Our Google Sheets integration allows for real-time updates of Clubhouse data to be sent to a Google Sheet. Once set up, any updates that happen in your Clubhouse Workspace will be dynamically updated in your Google Sheet. The timezone for the Google Sheets integration is based off of the workspace's UTC offset.

Your Google Sheet integration can be linked to any BI tool that ingests Google Sheets, allowing you to visually model your Clubhouse data and unlock custom analytics in real time. 

To ensure proper data accuracy:

  • Do not modify the sheet in any way (you may hide columns, but do not reorder or delete)
  • Create new sheets that cross-reference for any additional sorting or filtering needs
  • The integration re-syncs to the specific Story, it does not re-sync the entire Worksheet each time

The data that is sent from Clubhouse to Google is the same data represented when you manually integration Workspace data to CSV

Currently you can only have one Google Sheet per Workspace.

Enabling the Google Sheets Integration Disabling the Google Sheets Integration

To enable the Google Sheets Integration navigate to your Account Settings <> Workspace Features <> Clubhouse Labs (if you haven't upgraded to Standard you'll be prompted to). Once there, you can toggle any of our current beta programs on or off.

  • Once Labs is enabled, within your Clubhouse account, navigate to your settings (initials or profile photo)
  • Select Integrations
  • Select Google Sheets
  • Authorize with Google
  • Yahtzee - you're done!

We'll create a new Google Sheet with a live connection to your Clubhouse data. Each row will contain rich Story data and all changes within Clubhouse will override the existing information for that particular element within the Google Sheet. The sheet is private to you, but you can share it with a wider audience as you see fit. 

Building custom reports with your Google Sheet integration? Share it with the Clubhouse community and see what others are building in our Clubhouse Forums!