Teams Structure

Teams are a collection of Users that can be associated with work and processes within Clubhouse. Use Teams to view, organize, and report-on product development efforts by the Teams structures within your organization.



Teams empower every Organization to represent people, work, and process more effectively so they can be collaborative and productive. At the core of any software organization, Teams are what make great products successful. Therefore, we decided to make them the foundation of Clubhouse. With Teams, you have the ability to:

  • Organize Users into Teams
  • Assign Stories to Teams across Workflow
  • Assign Epics to a Team
  • Assign Iterations to a Team
  • View a Team's Roadmap
  • Quickly find work relevant to your Team


Our Teams feature is a rename and evolution of our previous “Groups” feature. All existing Groups are now renamed to "Teams" and have expanded in functionality.