Connect your planning efforts in Productboard to your Clubhouse development efforts in one cohesive system. Our current integration offers the following:

  • Ability to push a Productboard feature into Clubhouse as a new Epic so you can turn ideas into planned work.
  • Sync and display status of the Clubhouse Epic within Productboard so your Product Team can gauge progress on their roadmap.
  • Provide quick access links between the Clubhouse Epic and Productboard Feature so your developers understand the context of their work.


Integration Set Up
  1. On both Clubhouse & Productboard, click on the lower left user Icon and navigate to Integrations.




  2. Generate a API Access Token on Productboard's Clubhouse integration page.




  3. Paste the API token in Clubhouse's Productboard Integration pane.




  4. All set! Integration is now connected.




Working with the Productboard Integration
  • A Clubhouse Task will automatically appear on all Productboard features. However, you must add it from the Task menu for it to appear as a column in your feature view.




  • Click on the “Clubhouse” button to push a Productboard Feature into Clubhouse as a new Epic.




  • The Clubhouse Epic has the same name and description as the Productboard Epic. It also includes a link back to the original Productboard feature.




  • Within Productboard, the “Clubhouse” column is now populated with the Clubhouse Epic status, which is updated automatically as your Epic progresses. Clicking on the status will take you directly to the Clubhouse Epic.





Our current integration does not support pushing a Productboard feature to an existing Clubhouse Epic, or pushing it as a Clubhouse Story or Milestone. To support this functionality in the future, and request additional features down the road, please send your feedback to the Productboard team.