Clubhouse Labs Beta Feature!

Clubhouse Labs is available for any Organization size when you upgrade to any paid plan. If you want access to Power Bar and other Clubhouse Labs beta initiatives, have an account Owner upgrade today!

Clubhouse's Power Bar is another way search, navigate, create, and use our most common features. With a simple keyboard command, activate the Power Bar and see what what you can do!

To use the Power Bar:

  • For Mac: cmd + k
  • For PC: ctrl + k
  • Click the launcher from the top bar

Power Bar works in conjunction with the Keyboard Shortcuts; you can activate keyboard shortcuts at anytime, but if you forget a shortcut, just open Power Bar to search for the action and see a reminder.

There are 4 major functions of Power Bar (Navigate, Search, Create and Do) that are combined into a single interface.

Navigate Search Create Do

Access any page in Clubhouse quickly by typing Go to [page]  in Power Bar, or just searching for the page. If you find yourself navigating between pages often, feel free to bypass Power Par all together and use the keyboard shortcuts directly (G then )! These can be activated at anytime (no need to open Power Bar first), but also show up in Power Bar just in case you need a reminder of the shortcuts.

g then d Go to Home
g then s Go to Stories
g then e Go to Epics
g then m Go to Milestones
g then i Go to Iterations
  Go to Roadmap
g then w Go to Write
g then p Go to Projects
g then l Go to Labels
g then r Go to Reports
g then t Go to Status
g then space Go to Search
  Go to Settings
  Go to Integrations
  Show Keyboard Shortcuts